The Name

Because I was and still am producing music, I needed a name to present myself with, but since all the names I could think of where already taken, I needed to bring it to the next level: using a translator that hasn't been used before for creating a producername.


What kind of language is Qozul?

It's the dragon language from the videogame The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


When it's storming outside, I love the sound of thunder, the deep low sound that makes all the furniture shake.

That inspired me, so I used the name Lightning, which is Qo when translated.

But only Lightning didn't say enough, so I used voice aswel, with the theory that I wanted to let everybody feel, what I feel at the sound of thunder, so I wanted to be the translator of thunder, the Voice of Lightning, literally translated: Lightning Voice - Qo Zul.


The translator from English to Dovahzul can be found by clicking this link.




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