My Story

The Begin

It all began in 2011. I was 17 years old, and didn't know anything about producing at all, in fact, all I wanted to be back then, was a DJ. I wanted to make people happy, but somehow, I wanted to make them happy in a way only I could, so DJ'ing wasn't going to be the way I wanted, because these days, everybody wants to be a DJ at a big festival (atleast the producers I know want that).

I needed something else, so here I go, experimenting in Garageband (a Digital Audio Workstation, DAW in short), trying to make some music, but that didn't last very long, as I wanted something more professional, not some program that can be controlled by anybody, even by those who haven't even produced music before.

That's where Logic Pro came in.


Moving to advanced stuff

When I saw it at first, as was like: "Welcome to the nope train, nopenopenope, back to Garageband, this is way too complicated for me." So there I was again, experimenting in Garageband, knowing somewhere very deep, that this wasn't the answer, I had to master a bigger and better DAW... Back to Logic Pro!

Here I go again, watching tutorials, but this time, I wasn't going to give up, because I kept telling myself, there are more people producing music in Logic Pro, so it's possible for me aswell. At that time I was still making music that was supposed to be dance music, but as every producer once had: at the start you think you are really great, you produce music, and once you compare it to the real deal, you get the feeling that you will never get that far, and that your music will always be crap. But that doesn't have to be the case as long as you believe in yourself, those may seem wise words, but I grew really tired of it very fast, so I stopped for a while, thinking I would never produce again.


The drive came back

Luckily, that one drive to make music came back, as soon as I knew that everybody had that struggle in the begin, so there I was again, sitting behind my desk, producing crappy music, but the difference then was: I stopped watching youtube tutorials, in fact, I only watched them when I wanted to know a trick. Looking at youtube to learn how to produce music was the most stupid thing I ever did when talking about producing music, I wasn't producing music, I was just doing what the video told me... which was very boring to do, so instead of looking at youtube video's I started experimenting.

That was the best decision I ever made with producing music, ignoring what other people want to hear, but just listening to what I wanted at that moment, because as soon as I was going to produce something that the people want but wasn't my style, I lost my inspiration. The music most people listen to nowadays just isn't my style, and I won't even try anymore to make it my style. So I started making cinematic music, but at a different way most people do, instead of using samples, I made them first, then started using them. Why do I want to make the samples myself? Because I want to get better at sound design.


Another way to learn

What I also learned a lot from is by just listening to the music of other people, figuring out how they made a certain sound, and If I could recreate it, but then my way. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't, but when it didn't I always found a new way to do something, so it was a win – win situation every-single-time. And the good thing about learning that way is: I don't have to spend time on the computer watching tutorials, I could just listen to it while travelling. Learning AND enjoying music at the same time!


Funny little thing

I was also searching for a certain genre to listen to (Horrorchestra is what I call it at the moment), but I couldn't find much, so what is a better solution than just produce the sound you want to hear yourself?


To make a long story short

I make this kind of music because it suits me, I have different ways of learning, and different ways of thinking, in reality I bump into a lot of things because of that, but with creating music, it's the best habit I will ever have.

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